Excellent Meat Markets Near Chicago Loop

Summertime is here and the season to utilize Presidential Towers’ fantastic barbecue and picnic area.  Grilling the perfect steak starts with locating the best possible meat , the kind that doesn’t come from the grocery store, but a real butcher shop.  If you are a fanatic about quality meat, you are in luck.  There are so many excellent meat markets near the Chicago Loop, in what is known as Chicago’s meat packing district.

For great prices on top quality meats, Olympic Meat Packers on 810 W. Randolph (312.666.2222); Peoria Packing Company on 1300 W Lake St (312.738.1800); or Grant Park Packing Company on842 W. Lake Street (312.421.4096).  These are wholesale meat markets that sell to the public and all three are located less than five minutes away from Presidential Towers.  If you are looking for a more exotic flair for your barbecue, check out the Chicago Game and Gourmet; you could serve grilled antelope steak or other unusual meats to your guests.  For outstanding flavor in onsite dry-aged beef, try Gepperth’s Meat Market less than ten minutes away on 1964 N. Halsted Street (773.549.3883).

These are just a few of the fantastic choices for great meat close to Presidential Towers by Chicago’s Loop.  Try one for your next cookout or barbecue!  You’ll never want to go back to grocery store meat again.

Photo credit: Chicago Game and Gourmet via Facebook